Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taking it easy....

With very limited options, the boys and I are just hanging out this weekend.

We are staying in a one-room apartment that I rented from one of the ELWA dentists. It's "ocean-view" and is working out just fine. We all have a bed and there's a small kitchen area with a hot plate, toaster oven and dorm-sized refrigerator.

Saturday morning, the guys and I spent some time on the beach together and I was able to get some good pictures of them both. Amos met up with a fisherman and was given some little fish that this guy was using for bait. When we got back home later and I was getting changed in the bathroom, Amos decided he was going to try to cook up those guppies for lunch---directly on the hot plate burner. The smell was awful....... and that burner still has scales stuck to it.

After lunch yesterday, about 15 of the older Addy's kids came down to enjoy the beach. They stayed about two hours with their teacher then went on to spend the night with a local pastor who had invited them to sing and dance at worship this morning.

Amos started running a fever right after dinner last night---it came on so quickly that at first I actually thought he might be faking the shaking and moaning and that he got in bed for attention. I took his temperature and when I realized it was 103, I knew the chills, shakes and confusion were for real. Fortunately, his temperature came down with Motrin and as long as he has it in him, he seems to feel okay.

Because of Amos being sick, we didn't go to church services this morning and so, didn't get to see the Addy's kids' program. I hate that, but decided I better keep an eye on whatever it is Amos's got.

The boys have been teaching me lots of the praise songs they know, so we are worshipping in our own way. I can sing along and keep up with the words, but not the clapping, drumming, foot stomping....and...uh....tongue clicking.

Yep. WAY too white for that.

I think God heard me anyway.


Sarah said...

I hope you are enjoying the time ya'll have left in Africa. I will be praying ya'll get to come home soon.

Jay said...

Mom bribe Felicia or do something for her to sign the exit clearance!!!

I miss you and i hope to see you on tuesday night!! :):):)


jim dixon said...

Thanks for the update. Maybe tomorrow will be you guys last day in Liberia
At least you weren't in Clemmons to hear Drew and the NC boys after the Wake loss.

Jeremy and Kamina Johnson said...

I love that you are enjoying your time there with this. Praying for super natural strength today and for God to part the waters for you and your boys!

pattyp said...

All your BSF buddies, past and present share your joy. Tell the boys their pictures were passed around at leaders meeting Monday with praise to God for them!