Tuesday, August 31, 2010

July & August Recap

Wow. I don't know where summer went........
(OK. Check that. After trolling through all the pictures I took, I know exactly where it went!)

Brant had a lot of fun playing Big League baseball with a bunch of old friends.

We had a laid back, but fun, Fourth of July. Luke and Ty were completely amazed by the Tanglewood fireworks display. Can't wait to see their eyes when we go back for the Christmas lights.

Sadly, Jay's All-Star team lost the Little League division championship to their rivals, the Winston-Salem Nationals. It was a tough loss, but the Nationals were a great team and went on to win the NC state championship, then made it all the way to the semis of the
LL World Series regional tournament. You might have seen them on ESPN.

Brant taught Ty to tie his shoes, thus, staving off my aneurism a little while longer!

Babe got braces! Drew and I got the enormous bill.

Our neighborhood swim team went undefeated and won the League Championship.
Brant feels sure it was because of his mad coaching skills.

Way to go, Stingrays!

We had a great visit with my friend, Kris, who was back in town from Iowa for a few days. She was so excited to finally meet the new guys.....read them stories, baked red velvet cake, fed them sweet cereal before I woke up. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Luke & Ty would have packed their bags and gone home with her.

Will made it back from Vermont safe and sound.....full of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, exotic thai food and fancy chai tea.....conservative values in tact.......just in time to head to the beach with the rest of us.

Big B turned 17 while we were there!!!

He was happy to receive Jack Johnson concert tix.

Will and Jay returned to Sparta, NC and beautiful Camp Cheerio again ---Will for his 8th summer and Babe for his 4th. Unfortunately, Will has aged out now, but oh, how he would love to go back as a CIT next summer. Err......except for the part about supervising hundreds of little kids for six weeks!

I thoroughly enjoyed my mother's family reunion in Pilot Mountain. It happens every August and is one of my favorite times of the entire year. Luke and Ty were definitely surprised to see the mountain pop up on the horizon as we drove north.
Ty now calls it "the hill."
I visited non-stop with my precious aunts, uncles and cousins and yep,
we all ate pretty much non-stop, too.

My flower girls are all grown up.....and all more beautiful than ever.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ty's Turn

Ty was excited before his first day of Kindergarten....and exhausted afterwards!

Monday, August 16, 2010

I love the smell of library books.....

Brant, Jay and Luke all went back to school today!
Kindergartners start Tuesday and Will will return on September 1.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jeff Foxworthy would be proud.

You might be a redneck....if you ask your mama to send barbecue pork rinds in your camp care package.