Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's gonna be a nail biter....

Things are going fine here in Liberia, but just as I have worried, it's going to come down to the wire on whether I can get the clearance letter I need to travel by the end of the day Friday when I am booked on a flight out with the boys.

Turns out the Embassy wanted a full 5 days to print the visas and prepare a packet to take to the Ministry of Justice for clearance. Drew and I understood our email from the vice-consul to read that I should plan to be on the ground here 5 days......total. For every thing.

After hearing all this at the Embassy today, I had to rebound quickly. I mustered all the southern charm I could to talk the man down to 2 days. He told me every thing would be ready Thursday at 3p.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself until I went over to the Ministry of Justice where I was told that unless I have the visa packet to them by 10a Thursday, I won't be able to get the letter that day. And if I don't get it Thursday.....dealing with it on Friday will be incredibly stressful since we are to fly out at 7p.

I got Drew on the horn and in turn, Drew got the Consular at the Embassy on the horn, to strongly "suggest" that they expedite our packet so I can leave on Friday. He got a "we'll-see -what-we-can-do" response. No promises.

I know this will all work out. God has it all under control.....and really, the worst-case scenario would be that the boys and I would just stay into next week until we can pick up the clearance letter.

Still......I know I've got some absolute prayer warriors out there. Anybody willing to kick it into high gear??

It might be just about that time....


jim dixon said...

we're n our way to Grand Rapids but prayer works here too. JTD's

Jeremy and Kamina Johnson said...

Already in high gear, but kicking it up a notch! God is outside time constraints, and his plan will prevail. Stay strong my courageous friend!

Stephanie said...

I'm your woman! It's taking all my strength not to put myself on a plane to NC to meet those little cuties now :)

Praying like crazy for all those involved to eat their wheaties today. I also believe in the power of southern charm ;)

Anonymous said...

Prayers being said.