Friday, March 26, 2010

Home, sweet home

I'm happy to report, that after 26 deliriously-long hours of travel, the new guys and I arrived at the Greensboro airport a little ahead of schedule last night where we were met by a happy bunch of friends and family. We made such a racket and hung around so long, the airport security guards asked us to keep it down (twice) and then actually called in one of Greensboro's Finest who----can you believe the nerve?---asked us to take it elsewhere.

Maybe we were being a tad noisy.....twenty kids and two red balloons can be that way......but we were hardly a TSA security incident waiting to happen.

My mom was waiting for us here at the house when we got in and had a huge supper ready---ham, fried chicken, rice, green beans, deviled eggs, banana pudding and coconut cake. Clearly doing her southern best to feed and love Amos and Kalee. My sister, Kari, her husband, Jim, and their daughter, Sophie, were all here for the celebration, too.

I slept like a rock for about 8 hours then got up to be with Brant, Will and Babe before they left for school. So much happened while I was gone the last two weeks. Exams were cards issued....B took the SAT......Drew and the boys traveled to Hilton Head for spring break......Little League and Calvary baseball have begun their seasons now.......Babe is almost back from his rotator cuff injury.

Amos and Kalee slept until about 8:30 (yay, box fan!) and after a big breakfast of muffins and peanuts (what else?) Drew took over and I went back to bed for a few hours.

The boys spent today exploring every thing they could get their hands on. Imagine the curiosity and mentality of two, 2-year olds, but in bigger, stronger, more dexterous kids' bodies. They are fascinated by the washing machine, running water, telephones, the tv remotes, Kit's retractable leash......and their new remote-control cars. These guys love to push buttons and turn things on and off. They've removed batteries from things I didn't even know had batteries.

When they started chasing the cats, Drew took them on a big walk to burn off a little energy. That helped. For a while.

Still, all in all, I'd describe this as a very successful first day. I know it's early to make any calls, and there are bound to be huge challenges ahead---all sure to be exacerbated by my being old and impatient---but Amos and Kalee seem happy to finally be here. They have especially loved being reunited with their big brothers.

And they have started calling me, Mom, and Drew, Dad. That makes my heart soar.


jena said...

Hey! We remember that day!!!!

Pharmcats said...

Thanks for sharing! Great post, my friend.

jim dixon said...

Thanks for taking time to update the blog. Great to see them and wave to them via computer!!!

Wife to the Rockstar said...

SO SO SO happy Kelly. Just awesome!

love2bmom said...

yes, yes, yes, to everything you wrote, we could have written it ourselves.

Love to you all.


Sarah said...

Yippeeee! "Forever, For Always....!" (finally)
Rich Blessings to you all,

Kakky said...

We are thrilled that you have all of the family together now in North Carolina. What a wonderful blessing, and we can't wait to meet our new nephews! Love, SCM's

Stephanie said...

My heart is happy too!

Laura said...

You sound so happy! It must be wonderful to have them here finally. I'm sure they are amazed at life in the USA! Stay strong and positive. If anyone can do this, you can! Much love to you all.