Sunday, August 2, 2009

On the Way Back

Will, Jay and I were able to talk to Amos and Kalee one more time before Kelly and Brant had to go to the airport.  It was great to hear their voices again.  I even got a few more words beyond "Yes" from Kalee....he said that he was singing at church this morning!

Kelly said church was great - 2-1/2 hour service!

Everybody sounds good.  I'm sure it was hard to leave Amos and Kalee there.  Hopefully it will not be long before we go back to get them and bring them home.

Thanks to you all for your thoughts and prayers.

I guess I'll let Kelly have her blog back when she gets home.....


jena said...

Already? But I thought they just got there! I know, I have a warped sense of time. I would like to sit in the Dixon living room and see each and every picture please. Love all y'all!

Stephanie said...

Praying for a safe and uneventful return for 2/7 of the Dixon's :)

You'll hopefully be hearing from us SOON with news of a new addition to our family.