Thursday, August 6, 2009


I have received so many great messages, emails and texts checking on me and asking about the trip.  I appreciate them all.   Brant and I both picked up coughs and colds while in Liberia and have been nursing those, in addition to trying to get over our jet lag, since we got back Monday night.  

I promise to blog about my trip....about the new (super-cute and wonderful) boys....and about my encounter with the belligerent door-to-door toilet paper saleslady..... just as soon as I can see straight.

In the mean time, here is the link to my Snapfish album where you can view most of the photos I took.  Many of them are from Amos's and Kalee's orphanage where Brant and I were swarmed by children each time we visited.   We always took stickers and candy when we went over....but it didn't take me long to figure out, all those kids really wanted or needed was to be held and loved.

That----Brant and I could do.

More soon. 


lwhitley said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures! They are great!! It looks like the stickers were a huge hit and one of my favorites was the boys wearing the Canes shirts! Can't wait to hear all about your trip!! Hope to see ya soon!


Will said...

It sounds like you had a lot of fun! Sorry that you are sick :(

I can't wait for the boys to get here...the pictures are sad.

Duane and Karen said...

Well...I appreciate you even trying to get that picture. Being that I stayed there I know exactly the personality you are talking of. It does take a while for her to warm up to anyone...actually she gives me the impression of being somewhat of a "snob" and has everyone just where they want them...she's in control. I remember getting their picture together when I was there too...first time I was successful, perhaps because I had food & some things for them - second time, it was "you are kidding me...I don't want to be held by any 4 yr old...I can't believe you are putting me down." Hularious.
I'm glad that you were able to go and meet your children. I must give you peace. The boys look great, and I remember that they are so quiet and a joy.
The pictures you took are beautiful and I loved looking @ them all. Thanks again!