Monday, August 17, 2009

I love the smell of pencil shavings.

Summer is over for Brant and Babe and our Christian school is back in session.  They humored me for another year and paused for our annual first-day-of-school photo as they headed out the door.   

Babe was only a smidge nervous on this, his first day of Middle School.    Once he got his binder organized Saturday, he was mostly concerned about the logistics of getting dressed out for PE and whether or not he'd need his protractor for Math class every day or not.

Brant was up early to be clean-shaven and looking good for the ladies of the junior class.

(Will continues to....uh......summer.   Today that meant sleeping until 11am and then making a batch of chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.....followed by PopTarts for late lunch.   He'll start high school in the music department at the UNC School of the Arts on September 1.)


Jeri said...

Those guys are too cute! Tell Will I had PopTarts for lunch today too. :-)

Stephanie said...

wow...Brant is driving AND shaving. Cousin Stephanie is not ready for this :)

jena said...

Just a few days and I'll get to snap my first day of school pics. Sigh. Summer may need to be longer. I may not be ready.