Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Undies for Orphans

Brant sent out an APB to just about every one he knows asking for donations of new underwear for the children at Addy's Hope.   

His letter is below.   

I can't wait to see what God is going to do through this sweet boy and this project.

Dear friends and family--
My mom and I are traveling to Liberia in two weeks to meet my new brothers and do some work on their new orphanage that's being built outside Monrovia.You probably know that the Liberian president has suspended adoptions several times over the last 18 months and we don't know when we'll get to bring Amos and Kalee home, but we are still going to help out where we can and to spend time with the new guys.

By going without the usual birthday presents, my brother, Jay, and his friend, Josh, collected about 125 pairs of kids underwear at their birthday party last fall.    I would love to collect that many more to deliver to the orphanage when I go and was wondering if you might consider picking up a pack or two of kids underwear to donate the next time you are at the store.    None of these 50 kids have the advantages that I do and it's sad that they don't even have their own pair of underwear.    If they do happen to have a pair, they are sometimes only mere pieces of cloth that are pinned together. Getting new underwear would be a huge help to these kids......I can't even imagine being a little kid and not having any to put on.

The orphans at Addy's Hope are small because they are malnourished, so any boys or girls underwear sizes 2-8 would be great!!   My mom and I would be glad to come by and pick them up, just call us, or you can run them by here if you are in the neighborhood.   I would appreciate the help and I am sure that the kids will appreciate the underwear!   Mom and I depart early on Saturday, July 25th. 

If you'd like to read about the orphanage building project, you can go to www.futurefororphans.comThere's a cool story there about how Will and his Calvary classmates raised a ton of money for the well at the orphanage.   And here is a recent picture of Amos and Kalee---you can see that their condition is not the best.   Please keep praying that Amos and Kalee won't get sick, that Liberia will pass new adoption laws and that we can bring the boys home soon.

Thanks A Lot!


Jeri said...

I'm so proud of Brant, he is such an awesome young man!

Stephanie said...

This gave me goosebumps, and I'll admit, a few tears too. I agree with Jeri - he is an amazing young man.

Please ask Brant to send this email on to Jason and I. J's email is We'd love to help.

XOXO to all of you.

jena said...

That B... he is under-ific!