Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So true....

A farmer I read about recently was quoted as saying, "Money can't buy love---or home grown tomatoes."

Standing over the sink just now, eating one of Jay's first beauties still warm with sunshine.....I couldn't imagine any truer words.   Or any better eating.


Stephanie said...

This post really tickled me this morning....because yesterday we finally had ONE ripe tomato on the plant that Jason has been so faithfully tending to AM and PM for two months now. We were so very excited to eat it, maybe on a panini or with salad, as it was looking just perfect.

I came out on the patio yesterday afternoon to find that Baxter had plucked this very tomato off the vine and he was very politely sharing it with his little sister. It smelled fabulous. They both smelled like basil so I think that was their appetizer. Lovely!!!

Way to go, Jay! We may need some pointers next year.

Jeri said...

Tell Jay that I have never been able to grow tomatoes so I could use some tips.