Saturday, July 25, 2009

Out the door---

I'm packed up and heading out with Brant (and all that underwear!) in a little while.  Drew is taking us to the airport in one city and then driving several hours to pick up Will who is returning from VT in another.

I remember now why I don't do a bunch of traveling.   My brain gets overwhelmed with all the little details......and I kinda get in to a tail spin.   But that's a different post for a different day.

Today, I'm feeling caught somewhere between memories of going a first date and delivering my first baby.   You know....lots of wondering what things are going to be like......and if I can do it.....

Will Amos and Kalee like me?  
Can I be witty and entertaining enough to suit them?  
What are their personalities like?   Their voices? 
Will they know who I am when they see me?
Will they hold my hand?

I'll let you know.....


Anonymous said...

SO SO SO exciting.

I am praying.

jena said...

Oh, they are going to love you from the first moment they meet you. Is that today?!?!?!?