Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Will make you smile, #5


Will has been in Vermont all month studying cello by taking part in a chamber music festival. The event draws high school and college kids and teachers from all over the country but, for whatever reason, there aren't many southern kids in attendance.

One day last week, Will was hanging out with some friends, all from Connecticut and New York, as they waited for dinner. Will was starving and made the comment that he'd been hanging out with yankees up north so long, he could hardly remember what good southern food tasted like.
Then he added,

"What I wouldn't give for a buttery, flaky biscuit right now...."

His friend said, "Huh? What's a biscuit?"

Will, astounded, asked, "Oh, my gosh.....you're kidding, right? It's a delicious piece of hot bread made out of flour and butter and milk!! You didn't know that???"

The girl shot back, "Well.......I DO know what a grit is!"

Will told her that apparently she really, really didn't.

And that she'd better stick to playing violin.