Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

You might be all about the football.

You might be all about the commercials.

You might be all about the snacks.

Tonight, I am ALL about the half-time show.

I'm so completely devoted to Drew, don't get me wrong, BUT...should something happen to him in an incredibly sad and untimely way, or should he someday run off with one of his 137 Facebook girlies from high school with whom he's been reunited....then I'm packing everything up to become a Bruce Springsteen groupie.

Remind me to tell you about that Bruce Springsteen Fan Camp dream I had one time.


love2bmom said...

I'll be watching with are so funny......

jena said...

You crack me up. Do you feel sorry for all the young ones who didn't get to grow up dancing away to Bruce?!?!?!

Stephanie said...

Do you know that I love reading your blog posts? I love the shout out to Drew's long-lost high school girl friends. Sounds like something I would say about all of Jason's kappa girlfriends who've found him on FB! :)