Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy new year!

Had to break down and look up a translation of  "auld lang syne" for the occasion.  Turns out the Robert Burns poem later set to music is a tribute to "the old long ago."     

Heck, if I could remember my old long ago...I'd make a toast too!   

My guys and I are off to New York later today and I can hardly wait.  Drew completely surprised me on our anniversary with plans for this trip and we decided to let the boys tag along since Will and Jay have never seen NYC and Brant doesn't remember his early years as a big-city, bagel-eating, grass-fearing urban boy.

I seriously think this is going to be a great trip.....what's a little snow blowing in on 40-mph winds, huh??   

So, to the Big Apple...and to a slowing of my brain atrophy in 2009----

1 comment:

jena said...

Have a great time! Bring me home a snow ball will ya friend? Not really.... just really want to see some white stuff!

Love y'all!