Monday, October 27, 2008

Dateline: Monrovia

Jana, another mom adopting through our agency, is in Monrovia this week picking up her new little girl, Jamesetta. While there, Jana's taking lots of pictures, making notes and observing every thing she can about the kids that remain in the orphanage as they wait for their turn to go home.

Here's what she says about our new boys:

Amos sometimes plays soccer together with a boy named Jubah. Amos is like a comedian---he likes to make people laugh.

Kalee is very sensitive. He doesn't like to be touched a lot. He always has slippers (flip flops) on and will even sleep with them on. Kalee doesn't like to be hit or bumped into or anything. He spends alot of time around me. He keeps his things around himself so no one else can get them.

Oh, how I want to introduce Amos to Brant, Will and Jay---knowing that he will probably, immediately and completely fit right in with those three yahoos!!

And oh, how I long to hold and comfort Kalee and to tell him that he'll never have to hide his things or sleep with his shoes on again.


jena said...

What sweet reports. I truly believe both boys are going to adapt so well into your family. They are going to feel the love instantly and know they are finally home!

Christi said...

I am willing to bet that after you get these boys home, they will be so happy and shoes will be the last thing on their minds. They will fit in great with you guys and will love you as much as you love them. I am so excited that things are moving forward!

Johnson said...

So glad that you got an update about your boys!

Stephanie said...

I love getting to hear more about their unique personalities. Can't wait until they are home with the rest of the DMD's!

Johnson said...

Have you seen all the cute smiling pictures of your boys???