Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bum Knee Babe

I'm sad to report that Babe fractured his right knee cap during a travel ballgame on Sunday afternoon. The play looked routine enough...he made a nice hit up the middle and ran to first base. But when he stopped short, his knee buckled.

According to the orthopedist that checked Jay out (during his 7th ER appearance-aggh!), when athletes run and then stop quickly, the leg muscles slingshot back causing a lot of strain on the tendons that attach those muscles to the kneecap. In Babe's case, the tendons won and the knee cap lost--and almost tore in two. (ouch!)

Sooooo....fall ball is over for Jay and he'll be in a cast for about 4 weeks. He's hoping to be good to go for basketball season right around the corner. 'Til then, riding the elevator at school is pretty cool and the attention is not bad either!


Stephanie said...

Oh, no! I am sorry to hear this. I am so glad to hear that he is going to
take it easy and give himself time to fully recover before he starts running
around again. That way it won't plague him for a long time after the initial
recovery period.

Tell him we are thinking about him and hope he's back to all-star status
soon :-)

jena said...

Man... that is such a bummer. Jay, we are sorry you had to be labeled the 'bum knee babe'. But you are looking quite stylish even with the cast. Hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe in your new found free time you can come visit our new ones one day instead of hangin out at the field.


jena said...

Dear Jay,

This is your old friend Grant. You look like a State fan with that red cast. Next time they wrap it, try Carolina Blue! I'm very happy for you as you get two new brothers and wish you the best.

Your friend,
Grant Penner