Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I love the smell of freshly-waxed dorm floors!

After a long summer of eager anticipation and numerous trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Brant moved in for his freshman year at Wake Forest. After unloading his gear, making his bed and oh, about another ten minutes getting settled, he was obviously very much at home on campus. He hugged me and waved goodbye with nary a flinch nor a tear.
Just like I knew he would.
Confidence has never been an issue for Brant.

Me?? I'll save all that for another post, another time. Oh, I'm fine to be sure. I know that I don't have any right to whine given Brant is only twenty minutes up the road. It's all good. He's close by. I get that. But it's still hard to have your first-born move off to college.
I just keep repeating the parenting goal Drew and I set back in August of 1993 when Brant was born. Our goal and our constant prayer, really, was that God would have Brant grow to be brave and strong and independent enough to go to college....to move away from home to study and learn and live on his own.

Well, goal met. And I am thankful to my faithful God.


Stephanie said...

Just a big thank you for sharing this. As you know I couldn't be more proud of all the DMD boys :)

jena said...

Thankful I get to see him at church. Thankful that when my oldest does the same, I know you will be right there catching my mama tears!