Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yahoo!!! He's in!

Brant visited 5 colleges with me and Drew; 6 others with his junior class.
He received 500 lbs of college mail easy and probably another thousand emails.

He prepped for the SAT and for admission interviews.
He wrote and re-wrote essays.
He weighed his options.

Then Brant decided to apply to Wake Forest for early decision.

Today we found out he's been accepted. ACCEPTED!
The thick envelope in the mailbox heralded the news. (And asked for our $500 deposit.)

Sure, sure, my Tar Heel heart is a little hurt and disappointed, but I love Brant for being able to get himself in Wake. I love him for wanting to stay close to home to build a relationship with the new guys. I love him for choosing a college where he can continue to study classical guitar.

I love him for making Drew so happy. (Even if the sorry Demon Deacons will ultimately break both their hearts.)

Way to go, B.
Way to go.

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