Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Good news/Bad news

It's only Tuesday, but it's been an up and (mostly) down week so far when it comes to our adoption.

Good news: Amos's and Kalee's biological father interviewed well and "passed" the questioning at the US Embassy on Monday.

Bad news: For reasons as of yet unexplained, our agency rep did not take Amos and Kalee to the meeting, so the bio father and the boys have to return to the Embassy tomorrow for another round of questioning.

Bad news: The boys' physicals have been postponed until Friday.

Bad news: Neither our agency, nor the Embassy, can produce the boys' biological mother's death certificate. It exists, or at least once did, because it was presented to the Liberian judge before our court decree was issued in 2008......but......no one can find it. It will have to be reissued.

Bad news: The Liberian government is requiring an additional step before they will sign off on clearance letters for Amos and Kalee to leave the country. They are requiring that we submit the results of our criminal background checks directly to them. This is in response to the beating death last week of a Liberian girl adopted in 2007 by a family living near Sacramento.

Good news: No skeletons in our closets! Other than a few (err.....several) speeding tickets on my part, Drew and I check out squeaky clean. We've already emailed our files to all the necessary parties.

You know that expression, "So close and yet, so far away...."?
I'd say that pretty well sums things up from here.

Big sigh.


jim dixon said...

Too much "bad" news. We can only focus on the "good" news

Pharmcats said...

Sooo close! So many hurdles have already been cleared. Nothing is impossible with God! Continuing to pray for the "long awaited delivery" of your boys. Love ya,
Jo Anna

jena said...

It's like a long straight one lane road with speed bumps every quarter mile and no exits. Go fast, get to speed bump, slow down... repeat over and over and over and over and, well... you get the idea!

Jeremy and Kamina Johnson said...

hoping these things are ironed out very soon