Saturday, November 28, 2009

Make a wish!

sweet, sweet WILL.

Will (aka "Dubya," "Willby," "Someone Thrilling" or our "Spare Heir") turned 14 fabulous years old today.

We are celebrating down at Topsail with steaks and the traditional M & M cake.....what else??
If you look closely at the frosting, you'll see where Will either licked it or swiped his finger through it.
He's not saying which.

("I won't yell at my son on his birthday. I won't yell at my son on his birthday. I won't.....")


Stephanie said...

Happy belated to Will! Tell him I think we need to go out for Luby's so he can have fried chicken with honey, for old time's sake.

Love to all of you!

jena said...

Just remember how he makes you laugh!