Sunday, June 28, 2009

What was I thinking??

Maybe it's a result of all the time I spend staring at this computer screen trying to conjure up something blog-worthy to write about, I'm not sure, but clearly I must be operating under some sort of diminished brain function.

I have to be.   I just put my 13-year old son, Will, on a plane to a music camp in Vermont.   

Yes, Vermont!    I know it's 900 miles away----not that I could readily identify it on the US map, what with me being very southern and it being above the Mason-Dixon line and all, but I'm trusting Mapquest on this detail.   It's far away.

He's flying all by himself.    Him and his new wallet and super-official state picture id....and all those hand held electronics he just couldn't live without (and can never afford to replace if he leaves them all in the seatback pocket in front of him).   

And you don't even know the worst of it yet.   Brace yourself.    He'll be gone month.  (I was whispering that last's just too outrageous for me to say outloud in cyberspace where all you responsible parents are hanging out to hear me.)   

I have really gone and done it this time..... 

Four whole weeks without seeing that beautiful boy???   I'm done for.

No amount of communication via the aforementioned handheld electronic devices will ever be enough.   I'm sure of it.

(Sniff. Sniff.)

Anybody wanna go to Vermont??


jena said...

Oh, man... my mommy heart is excited and sad all at the same time. He is gonna do great! He will be SOOOOO happy to see you when he gets back.

I can't barely catch a breath with all six kiddos home and all six kiddos swimming. I'm gonna just have to carve out some Kelly time and let some more of the house go!

Miss you.

Jeri said...

Road trip! So proud for Will!

Johnson said...

This is too cool! My friend just moved to Vermont for culinary school. I'll meet you there!