Thursday, November 6, 2008

Always the comedian

I have really tried to protect Brant, Will and Jay from all my worries and anxieties about the adoption and the crazy-long process we've been in for a year. Generally.....mostly......I think I'm able to keep them from recognizing the stress that I'm feeling, but....sometimes my less-rational, less-sane side emerges.

Like on a recent lazy Saturday. I let my guard down a little bit while it was just me and Will. I was worrying (ok, ruminating) out loud, saying things like:

"What if the new boys get here and don't like us?
"What if the new boys don't really even WANT to be adopted?"
"What if they're happy right where they are?"
"What if they don't want to live with us in a white family?"

Without missing a beat, Will said...

"Better save your receipt."

Love that child. Even when he's irreverent.


Sara Luke said...

What a funny kid!

Stephanie said...

So witty!! Thanks for the smile.

love2bmom said...

Hilarious!!! Love him. When do I get to squeeze those cheeks? Guess I am gonna' have to follow you to Africa. Let me know when we are going...........


Ginny said...

Very funny!
And yes, we will definitely have to get our boys together next year!!! Courtney, who is adopting Emmanuel is moving next year to South Carolina, so we will be able to hopefully get them up for a visit too! The boys are all so lucky that they will get to see each other again here in the States!

Rod and Amy said...

You need to send that one to Readers Digest!!
GOD bless your beautiful family!
Amy Sharp
Erin Littleton's Mom